The Benefits of a PV Photovoltaic System

Depending on the size of the solar panel system installation (and your average usage), you will be able to generate some/all of the electricity for your home.

  • Pay from as little as €0.06c per KWH for the next 25 years!!! With no risk of Price increases
  • Safe Guarding your business against future price increases!
  • Be in Charge of your own Power plant
  • Option to Sell your Electricity!
  • Return of Investments from 8% up to 20% – Far better than the Banks 3%
  • Your own clean and renewable green energy power source
  • PV requires only daylight, so it will work all year long and even on cloudy days!
  • Little or no maintenance required
  • Reduce the impact of climate change.


The majority of electricity suppliers in Ireland bill on a 6-8 week cycle.

These are some average charges for regular domestic appliances

  • Immersion heater – in use on ‘bath’ setting for 3 hours a week. – €9 per bill
  • Electric Shower (Instant type) – in use 3.5 hours per week – €46.34 per bill
  • Tumble Dryer (vented type) – 5 loads per week – €19.86 per bill
  • Washing Machine (40C wash) – 7 loads per week – €9.27 per bill
  • LCD TV (40″) – in use 10 hours per week, remainder of time on standby – cost per bill – €1.62
  • Hair Dryer – in use 1hr, 10 mins per week – cost per bill – €3.79
  • Microwave (800W) – in use 1hr per week – cost per bill – €1.18
(Prices obtained using the Electric Ireland appliance calculator)

As you can see from the above costs, certain electrical items can be costly to operate. A PV Panel installation gives you the opportunity to generate a proportion if not all of the electricity needed to power your home each month.

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