Residential PV Panel Installation

Why Pay for Electricity if you can produce your own?

residential_pv_panel_installation270Short term solutions don’t last! PV Photovoltaic Technology has changed the way the World views Micro Generation of electricity. It is giving the typical household the power to produce its own electricity. PV Panel installations are a long term solution to continuing rising electricity prices in Ireland which, even with Large Wind Farms, is still out of the control of the typical household. Yes unfortunately we still have to pay for the erection and maintenance of these wind farms which essentially is owned by large corporations.

The benefits of Photovoltaic (PV) Cell technology puts the power in your hands!

It is however very important that if you do go the route of a PV Panel installation to make sure a quality product is used. There is no point in spending money and when the product needs replacement a few years down the road. Our PV Modules are engineered and designed in Germany and is not old stock floating around Europe. We can offer a High Quality Proven product for all aspects of residential and commercial requirements.

Some of our options include the ability for You and Us to be notified via email should your “Power Plant” have a fault – pinpointing the exact problem and solution should there ever be an issue.

Selling and Installing a PV system is not our biggest priority – our biggest priority is YOU. At PV Green Energy Savings Ltd (PV panel installers and PV equipment suppliers in Ireland) we and our customers are passionate about our products.

Request a free survey or call us to get in touch with one of our Agents who themselves run our PV Systems on their own homes.

Untitled design (24) (1)PhotoVoltaic Solar Panels uses Solar Radiation to produce Electricity. As we all know the sun don’t shine everywhere and all buildings and locations are different.
Therefore it is extremely important to create the best design for your PV plant. Whether it’s to comply with Part L on your new build, to save money or to save the environment. With our extensive knowledge and experience of 1000’s of installs we will Design the Best possible solution for you.
Having the largest PV Array does not always equal the largest savings!
commericalHaving built up an extensive and experienced network throughout Germany and Europe we are able to supply the most up to date Products at a moments notice. We have over 12 000 square feet of Storage space and our own in house teams, we are able to deliver projects at a moments notice. We know that getting Solar Electricity Supplied at a moment’s notice is important to our customers.
supplyFrom the Design and product selection stage the planning for the Install has started. At PV Green we pride ourselves in being able to install any size of array safely and Effectively. As not all Roof’s and ground area’s are the same it is very important to have Structural and Wind Calculations done for each project to ensure the correct mounting methods are used and adhered to. Throwing a few panels on the roof if done incorrectly can lead to problems further down the road. Typical Residential Install’s takes 1 Day, with Typical Commercial installs about 3 days.
Untitled design (19) (1)Photovoltaic Solar Systems require very little maintenance; in most cases our rainy climate helps in cleaning any excess dirt of the modules. However same as with any product is it always important to have some form of Maintenance. Therefore we offer various packages to our clients should it be required. With Remote Monitoring and Maintenance available and Site inspections we are able to cater for any event.

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