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Public Authorities and Electricity Generation

pv_panel_array_installationJoin your Community in the Energy Revolution

Becoming self-sufficient and Green in your local community or local council has never been easier. Gone are the days where green products are out of reach because of high initial costs.PV Photovoltaic Panels have become the choice of many local communities and councils all over the world. Its Affordable and Extreme low Maintenance. PV Panels can be installed on their own or as a part of a larger array.

A PV array can provide local council, government and communities with the opportunity to secure a stable and independent power source for years to come. Depending on location and available space, your installation is also scalable to meet current and future electicity demands.

If you walk past any government or community building from Hospitals through to Bus Stops. Imagine if they all are capable of producing power feeding our National Grid. It is possible and is happening all over the world already. By doing this at a micro generation level it allows a much faster rate of creating long term sustainable electricity generation for Ireland.

The ability to stop importing fossil fuels and secure our own energy is possible and not just a pipe dream anymore.

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